Houses or Bhavas

Houses or Bhavas

There are 12 houses in astrology. Houses are also referred as Bhava or Ghar in Hindu astrology. Every house in astrology has been assigned certain significations by the sages.

First House
Birth, head, physical body, limb, physical features, livelihood

Second House
Wealth, food, right eye, what one eats or drinks, face, eye, speech, family, property

Third House
Courage, firmness, bad thoughts, breast, ear, especially right ear, prowess, brother or sister – younger one, heroism, mental strength

Fourth house
House, home, land, relation, mother, vehicle, happiness, water, learning

Fifth House
Intellect, children, son, belly, traditional law, virtuous acts previously done

Sixth House
Debt, wounds, disease, enemy, sin, a wicked act, fear, humiliation

Seventh House
Desire, love, passion, cohabitation, partner, public, wife or husband, dowry

Eighth House
Life, longevity, mental pain, defeat or insult, sorrow, scandal, ill-repute, death, impurity, obstacle, danger

Ninth House
Guru or preceptor, father, auspicious, previous life , worship, penance, virtue, grandson, prayer, spiritual initiation, noble family, fortune

Tenth House
Livelihood, kingdom, work, commerce, trade, business, rank or position, good conduct, honor, sacrifice, command, quality, wealth, occupation

Eleventh House
Profit or gain, income, all kinds of receipts, acquisition, gain, desire, passion, fulfillment of one’s desire, wealth or riches, brothers and sisters – elder one, friends

Twelfth House
House of disappearance, bondage, loss, negation, bed, sin, poverty, penury, loss, decline, misery, left eye, leg, defect

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